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Barbados National Trust Open House Programme

The National Trust's Open House programme runs January through March 2013.

Every Wednesday a beautiful house in Barbados opens its doors to the public to view from 2.30pm to 5.30pm.

All types of houses are on show from the grand old plantation houses rich with centuries of history, to newer luxurious Bajan-Style villas. The grounds and gardens are part of the attraction. A Bookshop, Craftspeople and Refreshments will be available.

Also at 3.15pm at each event "The Lively Little Lecture Series" will be hosted by Dr. Henry Fraser and Dr. Karl Watson.

Check out the February 2013 calendar;

Wednesday Feb 6 2013

It’s one of those houses you spot on a country drive and wish you could look inside. Abandoned for several years, it was redeemed in 1995 by owners who enlarged and remodelled extensively, accenting its plantation style features. It is filled with bright Caribbean art including five Boscoe Holder paintings, a melange of antique and fine reproduction furniture made here in Barbados, and interesting personal details. In some ways it’s a showcase, but it feels like a welcoming home.

Sunday Special, Feb 10 2013

By 1654, Sephardic Jews in Barbados had consecrated Nidhe Israel, one of the two earliest temples in the Western hemisphere. This architectural jewel shares a walled urban sanctuary with a stylish and engaging museum, an intriguing cemetery, and a spring-fed mikvah (ritual bath) whose recent discovery 12 feet underground is of tremendous historical importance. The whole atmosphere is mystical.

Wednesday Feb 13 2013

Change is in the air. Clean-lined and spacious, the net-zero Sugarwater enjoys every amenity and none of the electric bills. It also incorporates recycled materials, water catchment, LED lighting, a saline pool, natural cooling and more. The holistic vision extends to grounds planted in edibles and maintained by organic farmers. And all of this in Apes Hill Club! Ecostructure Barbados believes that luxury can come naturally. It works beautifully and we’re eager to show you how.

Wednesday Feb 20 2013
SPICE OF LIFE/St.MATHEW'S Rectory, St. Michael

Barbados’ wealth of old Anglican rectories tells a tale. A few have gone to private hands and have been restored, while others go to ruin. This one is in rental purgatory. Its artistic occupants have transformed the crumbling structure into a delightful family home filled with exuberant art and other signs of vitality. They’ve even banished the ghost.

Wednesday Feb 27 2013

A rare opening of a superlative house. When Princess Margaret’s son David, Viscount Linley, opened his celebrated furniture business in London, Halton’s now-owner joined him. He now builds lavish homes, primarily on Mustique. You’d expect his restoration of Halton, one of Barbados’ oldest plantations, to be superb, and it is. We’re confident that anyone who appreciates architecture, and stunning West Indian antiques will go ecstatic here. And then there are the ample grounds, the history and the mystery.

Admission & Directions

Admission prices are $20 (Bds$) for National Trust members, $25 for BARP members and $30 for non members. For directions to the properties and any further information please email the National Trust.

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