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The Barbados Chamber of Commerce offers free advisory services on many employment, trade and development issues effecting individuals and companies within Barbados. A call to them first often can save you time in locating who you need to contact next. Tel (246) 426 2056

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Barbados Law Firms, Chartered Accountants & Management Consultants

Barbados Legal & Financial Sector

Barbados is well represented by the major international firms who offer a wide range of financial services. These include the traditional service of taxation, IT, corporate secretarial and consultancy, and over the last ten years they have developed specialized services catering to the international investor.

Barbados legal services for both domestic and offshore services are professionally and efficiently performed by an array of informed competent attorneys-at-law.

Aastra Law St Michael, Barbados T: 246-430-8955
Adrian Waterman, Chartered Accountant St Michael, Barbados T: 246-427-8939
Bimap St Michael, Barbados T: 246-431-4200
Blackman Corporation St Thomas, Barbados T: 246-421-6449
Claivonn Management Inc. St Michael, Barbados T: 246-429-5183
Delany & Associates Attorneys-at-Law St Michael, Barbados T: 246-228-2260
Ernst & Young Christ Church, Barbados T: 246-430-3990
Global Vision Management Christ Church, Barbados T: 246-420-1549
Lex Caribbean Christ Church, Barbados T: (246) 430-3750
R. G Mandeville & Co St Michael, Barbados T: 246-426 3422
Veritas Chambers St Michael, Barbados T: 246-228-1754
Ward Patel & Co St Michael, Barbados T: 246-425-3951