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Many Barbados Insurance companies offer discounts for placing all your business with the same company, for example, home car, boat ect.
Most Barbados Insurance Brokers have the facility to view the products of multiple companies; you can save time letting their systems find you the cheapest quote.

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Barbados Insurance Services, Life, Fire & Marine Insurance.

Barbados Insurance Services

The Barbados Insurance Industry is well established on the island. General, Commercial and Life Insurance products are available both in the local and international markets.

Barbados is predicted to see a an increase in offshore insurance business to the island as companies are looking for an arena to do business in an international centre noted for having the highest standards. There are already more than 400 captive insurance companies registered in Barbados.

Sun General Insurance Inc. is the Barbados-based general insurance company in Sun Group Inc. The Group comprises of Going Places Travel, SunTours, iMart, Drive-A-Matic, Island Safari, Savannah Beach Hotel and Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa, to name a few.

We offer a very comprehensive range of general insurance products with over 48 different plans. We give consumers the most liberal options in protecting life & limb, property, vehicle and other assets. This product diversity and our on-line quoting engine for Home and Private Vehicle insurances make our company attractive to various consumers.

We provide service to our customers through a network of 10 offices in 8 islands across the Caribbean.   

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Sun General Insurance Inc.
CWTS Complex,
Lower Estate,
St George, Barbados
Tel: 246 434-8480
Fax: 246-434-8489

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