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Welcome to Luigi's authentic Italian Restaurant

Since its first opening back in 1963, Luigiís Restaurant has always been the most well known and successful Italian Restaurant in Barbados. Lots of customers have now become part of the Luigiís Family, and keep coming back year after year to their ďItalian home away from homeĒ. What drives them back may you ask? It could be the friendly people, the GOOD food or simply the relaxing and family oriented atmosphere Luigiís has always offered.

The Italian Restaurant is a product of a history rich with tradition dedicated to pleasing the palate and to enjoyment. Here at Luigiís Restaurant, great care is taken to keep these traditions, by using ONLY prime products like our homemade pasta cooked to perfection, our cheeses made in our own Cheese Factory on the island and all Italian Meats imported straight from Italy to your dinner plate.

And just in case you are tired of having a limited selection for your dinner, Luigiís promises a vast choice of meals ranging to as much as 100 different recipes to choose from! Our wine list includes mostly authentic Italian wines, most of which are imported straight from the best Italian vineyards.

Current owners Giuse and Silvio Ferri, are very proud to keep the Italian family alive, and they welcome you to their spot in the world for an evening of Italian food like ďmamaĒ makes it and for a fun night out for you and your family!

ďWe wait-a for yuuu with arms wide-a open!Ē

Call or email Luigiís Restaurant now to make your reservation.
Luigiís Restaurant
Christ Church, Barbados
Phone: 246-428-9218
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