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Barbados Concorde Experience

Featuring British Airways Concorde G-BOAE, the Barbados Concorde Experience offers visitors an exciting, unforgettable insight into the history and unique character of this remarkable aircraft.

Travel through each Zone of the tour with the help and knowledge of one of our friendly guides who will accompany you through the exhibit;.

Zone 1 - Flight Path

Before you enter the facility, learn about the pre-history of flight, the first attempts at flight, and how it has developed into the aviation that we know today.

Zone 2 - Supersonic Flight

Learn where the concept of supersonic flight came from and how Concorde was developed.

Zone 3 - Engineered for Speed

Features a multimedia presentation to dazzle your senses and reveal the engineering wonders that allowed Concorde to fly at Mach 2 in such style and comfort.

Zone 4 - Departure Lounge

Whilst awaiting your opportunity to board G-BOAE, relax in our luxurious departure lounge, stylised on the famous Concorde Room at London Heathrow airport.

Zone 5 - Flight Experience

What visit would be complete without the opportunity to take a glimpse at what it was like to fly on this incredible aircraft? Walk the red carpet for your tour through Alpha-Echo. The interior experience will recreate the highlights of a very unique flight that the world will never again have the opportunity to experience.

Zone 6 - Aviation Barbados

Aviation in Barbados dates back to the first flight from the Garrison Savannah in 1913. See how aviation in Barbados has changed over the last 94 years.

Zone 7 - Flight School

Try your hand at piloting an aircraft—from the basic trainer for children to the supersonic queen of the skies—Concorde.

Zone 9 - Tarmac

Motion activated “engineers” will point out the areas checked whilst Concorde is on the tarmac and they will explain some of Concorde’s unique features.

Zone 10 - Observation Deck

Plane watching in Barbados reached its height when Concorde began making regular calls. She thrilled her observers with her sleek and graceful lines and the drooping of her nose on her final approach before she gently touched down. The observation deck gives you a chance to view the aircraft from above but also to view the activity at Grantley Adams International Airport.

Zone 11 - Supersonic Gifts

1,000 square feet of retail space filled with gifts for you, your friends and family. Take home a souvenir of your trip to Barbados Concorde Experience.

Open Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Email now for further details.
Barbados Concorde Experience
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