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Sandy Lane and Coral Reef Hotels - Barbados

A luxury holiday in Barbados is exactly what some people need in order to relax and unwind from the everyday stresses of life. There are two areas that people most frequent when they come to Barbados: St James. The area has a long and rich history.

St. James is the home of the Coral Reef Club, a famous institution. The town itself, is full of history having been the first town in which settlers came to in 1625. Today it is a thriving city that is considered central to the tourist capital of Barbados. Sandy Lane is also a part of St. James and in its early days was a sugar plantation, and for many during this time, it was an area that was considered perfection. Thus, the reason that the Sandy Lane Hotel was eradicated on the plantation. And thus began what is considered to be one of the most luxurious hotels in all of the Caribbean.

For those visiting the area of St. James, will not only find the relaxation that they are seeking, but find fun as well. The area is full of places to shop and dine, as well as home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The two most luxurious hotels in the area are the Coral Reef hotel and the Sandy Lane hotel . Both of which, anyone would be lucky to stay in while they are visiting St. James.

The Coral Reef Club sits on twelve acres of land that is full of tropical landscapes that will ease the tension out of even the most over worked person. Unlike other hotels in the area, the hotel is owned and run by a family who reside in the area. When staying here, visitors get to feel as if they are staying at home. Most of the guest rooms are fitted to where it feels as if the person is staying in a small bed and breakfast instead of a major hotel. The windows have shutters that are typical to the homes that are found in Barbados, while the room is full of those little things that make a stay peaceful.

Each of the 88 rooms in the hotel are fitted with feather beds and Egyptian cotton bedding. Plus, each room has its own terrace or chaise lounge to utilize. Within the hotel, guests can dine or order room service. There is also the cocktail bar or spa for those that are interested. As well as two swimming pools that guests can frequent on their stay. Within the hotel is also a boutique in which people can purchase clothing items and those keepsakes to remember their trip by.

The Sandy Lane Hotel is considered the other top choice to stay when visiting the area of St. James. The hotel boasts 112 rooms that fall into three categories. The Orchid rooms are situated above the botanical gardens. The luxury orchid rooms come with a private balcony overlooking the gardens, as well as a separate dining and living area for guests to enjoy. The Dolphin rooms are overlooking the ocean and can accommodate two guests, while the luxury dolphin rooms contain two bedrooms and a private balcony. The ocean rooms feature views of the ocean, while the luxury ocean rooms offer a private balcony to view the ocean as well as more room than the standard room. The hotel itself offers a golf course, spa, tennis courts, access to Sandy Lane Beach, as well as four restaurants and five bars to choose from.

Each hotel would be a great place to visit for anyone coming to the area, and each has the luxury and elegance that most people crave when they go on vacation. Both of these hotels are considered the best that the area has to offer. No doubt, you will enjoy your experience when visiting St. James by staying at either of these fine hotels.

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